Using Graphical Process Modeling for Realizing SOA Programming Paradigms in Sensor Networks

Nils Glombitza, Martin Lipphardt, Christian Werner, Stefan Fischer


Designing and modifying sensor network applications demand for IT expertise in the field of distributed systems. Programming paradigms used in application development for sensor networks like object orientation do not refer to the distributed nature of a sensor network application. This represses the usage of sensor network technology as part of industrial applications. In enterprises graphical tools like BPEL and BPMN are used to coordinate distributed processes and overcome the complexity of the interaction among different components. In this work we introduce the GWELS toolbox as graphical process modeling tool to realize the service oriented programming paradigm for sensor networks and ease the development and integration of sensor network applications. We exemplarily design and deploy a sensor network application with GWELS to demonstrate the applicability of our approach.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2009 Sixth International Conference on Wireless On-Demand Network Systems and Services
Number of pages8
Publication date23.04.2009
Pages 61-68
ISBN (Print)978-1-4244-3375-9
Publication statusPublished - 23.04.2009
Event6th International Conference on Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services
- Snowbird, United States
Duration: 02.02.200904.02.2009
Conference number: 75862


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