Translated title of the contribution: Shockwave lithotripsy of pancreatic duct stones: Technical and clinical success

H. Thomas Schneider*, Andrea May, Johannes Benninger, Thomas Rabenstein, Alexander Katalinic, Eckhart G. Hahn, Christian Ell

*Corresponding author for this work
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Background: Chronic pancreatitis is often complicated by concrements obstructing the main pancreatic duct. Duct obstruction is discussed as potential mechanism responsible for recurrent and persistent pain. Patients and methods: 75 symptomatic patients (15 female, 60 male; 46 ± 12 years) with stones in the main pancreatic duct (solitary n = 23; multiple n = 52) primarily not endoscopically extractable even after sphincterotomy of the pancreatic orifice were treated by means of a piezoelectric lithotripter (Piezolith 2500). Fragmentation and stone clearance were documented by ERP. The clinical benefit was evaluated in 35 patients (9 female, 26 male; 45 ± 12 years) followed up meanwhile for more than 12 (29 ± 14) months. Results: After 3 ± 2 (1 to 10) ESWL-sessions/patient the concrements were fragmented successfully in 80% of the patients. Focussing of the stones was achieved sonographically (15%), fluoroscopically (45%) or using both imaging techniques (40%). In total, 61% of the patients became stone free, 44% spontaneously, in further 17% all remaining fragments could be removed endoscopically. In 39% of the patients ony a partial extraction was achieved. Severe complications due to shockwave application did not occur. The majority of the patients (stonefree n = 22, remaining fragments n = 13) followed up ≥ 12 months kept free of pain (51%) or reported on pain relief (26%). Nine patients developed 13 recurrent calculi, which were again treated successfully by interventional measures in 8/9 patients. Conclusions: The data confirm the value of extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy as an important tool in the interventional therapy of chronic pancreatitis. Even if recurrent calculi may occur, the majority of patients will experience at least a medium-term profit by those measures due to pain relief.

Translated title of the contributionShockwave lithotripsy of pancreatic duct stones: Technical and clinical success
Original languageGerman
JournalMedizinische Klinik
Issue number2
Pages (from-to)66-71
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 15.02.1996


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