Swarm Intelligence: 12th International Conference, ANTS 2020, Barcelona, Spain, October 26–28, 2020, Proceedings

Marco Dorigo, Thomas Stützle, Maria J. Blesa, Christian Blum, Heiko Hamann, Mary Katherine Heinrich, Volker Strobel


The proceedings contain 28 papers. The special focus in this conference is on Swarm Intelligence. The topics include: Preface; a Blockchain-Controlled Physical Robot Swarm Communicating via an Ad-Hoc Network; grey Wolf, Firefly and Bat Algorithms: Three Widespread Algorithms that Do Not Contain Any Novelty; guerrilla Performance Analysis for Robot Swarms: Degrees of Collaboration and Chains of Interference Events; heterogeneous Response Intensity Ranges and Response Probability Improve Goal Achievement in Multi-agent Systems; huGoS: A Multi-user Virtual Environment for Studying Human–Human Swarm Intelligence; memory Induced Aggregation in Collective Foraging; modeling Pathfinding for Swarm Robotics; motion Dynamics of Foragers in Honey Bee Colonies; multi-robot Coverage Using Self-organized Networks for Central Coordination; robot Distancing: Planar Construction with Lanes; the Pi-puck Ecosystem: Hardware and Software Support for the e-puck and e-puck2; a New Approach for Making Use of Negative Learning in Ant Colony Optimization; zealots Attack and the Revenge of the Commons: Quality vs Quantity in the Best-of-n; autoMoDe-Arlequin: Neural Networks as Behavioral Modules for the Automatic Design of Probabilistic Finite-State Machines; coalition Formation Problem: A Group Dynamics Inspired Swarming Method; collective Gradient Perception in a Flocking Robot Swarm; fitting Gaussian Mixture Models Using Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimization; Formation Control of UAVs and Mobile Robots Using Self-organized Communication Topologies; group-Size Regulation in Self-organized Aggregation in Robot Swarms; on the Effects of Minimally Invasive Collision Avoidance on an Emergent Behavior; set-Based Particle Swarm Optimization for Portfolio Optimization; ant Colony Optimization for Object-Oriented Unit Test Generation; branched Structure Formation in a Decentralized Flock of Wheeled Robots.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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