Selective Retina Therapy

Boris Považay, Ralf Brinkmann, Markus Stoller, Ralf Kessler


Laser photocoagulation of the retina has been performed for more than 40 years and has enabled the denaturation of retinal layers by the deposition of heat in tissue. However, for treatment of pathologies associated retinal pigment epithelium (RPE), excessive damage of adjacent tissue, especially the damage of the photoreceptor layer is considered to be disproportionate.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationHigh Resolution Imaging in Microscopy and Ophthalmology: New Frontiers in Biomedical Optics
EditorsJosef F. Bille
Number of pages23
Place of PublicationCham
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Publication date14.08.2019
ISBN (Print)978-3-030-16637-3
ISBN (Electronic)978-3-030-16638-0
Publication statusPublished - 14.08.2019

Research Areas and Centers

  • Academic Focus: Biomedical Engineering


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