Risk factors of osteoporosis: Results of EVOS in germany

J. Janott*, D. Hallner, A. Pfeiffer, K. Abendroth, D. Banzer, D. Felsenberg, J. Franke, G. M. Kruskemper, H. Matthis, H. Raspe, W. Reisinger, H. Schatz, C. Scheidt-Nave, R. Ziegler

*Corresponding author for this work
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As a part of the European Vertebral Osteoporosis Study (EVOS) eight German centres -- Bochum, Heidelberg, Lubeck, Berlin-Steglitz, Berlin-Charit, Potsdam, Jena, Erfurt -- among 36 centres in Europe participate. Throughout Europe 16000 probands have been examined, stratified into sexes, 6 age groups -- in Germany 1951 women and 2109 men. Besides an extensive interview regarding socio demographic data, personal history, gynaecological history, physical activity, diet with calcium intake, smoking, alcohol consumption, family history of fractures and past medical history were documented in addition to height, weight, grip strength, and a x-ray in lateral projection of the thoracic and lumbar spine were taken. The analysis of the x-rays was realized centrally in Berlin by Dr. Felsenberg in a semiautomatic process with different methods (Eastell -- Melton gradues 1 and 2, McCloskey-Kanis). The analysis of risk factors was mainly obtained by logistic regression usually separated by sexes. There are important differences between the three methods of x-ray estimation, which need to be discussed. In our present interpretation significant risk factors of both sexes are: age, history of fractures, history of osteoporosis, decrease of body height and actual physical activity. Additionally, one method reveals the following significant risk factors (only women) in early menopause, late menarche, short duration of fertility, low consumption of hard cheese and yoghurt, low sports in youth, hip fracture of sister. Other factors, hyperthyreosis, diabetes, therapy with insulin or cortison, hair colour, hip fracture of mother, father or brother, physical activity age 15-50, other sports groups, alcohol, smoking, period of fertility, ovarectomy, hysterectomy, ever been pregnant, and other terms had no influence of vertebral deformities.

Original languageEnglish
JournalScandinavian Journal of Rheumatology, Supplement
Issue number103
Pages (from-to)123
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 1996


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