Results from the primary analysis of a 30 patient extension of the GATTO study, a phase Ib study combining the anti-MUC1 Gatipotuzumab (GAT) with the anti-EGFR Tomuzotuximab (TO) or Panitumumab in patients with refractory solid tumors

M. Macchini, E. Garralda, W. Fiedler, G. Del Conte, C. Rolling, M. Kebenko, K. F. Klinghammer, I. Ahrens-fath, B. Habel, H. Baumeister, A. Zurlo, S. Ochsenreiter

Original languageEnglish
JournalEuropean Journal of Cancer
Pages (from-to)S5-S6
Publication statusPublished - 10.2020

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