Radiation Exposure in Interventional Stroke Treatment: Analysis of the German Neurointerventional Database (DeGIR/DGNR) from 2019 to 2021

Felix Bärenfänger*, Peter Schramm, Stefan Rohde

*Corresponding author for this work


Purpose: To evaluate patient-related radiation exposure in interventional stroke treatment by analyzing data from the German Society for Interventional Radiology and Minimally Invasive Therapy (DeGIR) and the German Society of Neuroradiology (DGNR) quality registry from 2019–2021. Methods: The DeGIR/DGNR registry is the largest database of radiological interventions in Germany. Since the introduction of the registry in 2012, the participating hospitals have entered clinical and dose-related data on the procedures performed. To evaluate the current diagnostic reference level (DRL) for mechanical thrombectomy (MT) in stroke patients, we analyzed interventional data from 2019 to 2021 with respect to the reported dose area product (DAP) and factors that might contribute to the radiation dose, such as the localization of the occlusion, technical success using the modified treatment in cerebral ischemia (mTICI) score, number of passages, technical approach, additional intracranial/extracranial stenting, and case volume per center. Results: A total of 41,538 performed MTs from 180 participating hospitals were analyzed. The median DAP for MT was 7337.5 cGy∙cm2 and the corresponding interquartile range (IQR) Q25 = 4064 cGy∙cm2 to Q75 = 12,263 cGy∙cm2. In addition, we discovered that the dose was significantly influenced by occlusion location, number of passages, case volume per center, recanalization score, and additional stenting. Conclusion: We conducted a retrospective study on radiation exposure during MT in Germany. Based on the results of more than 41,000 procedures, we observed that the DRL of 14,000 cGy·cm2 is currently appropriate but may be lowered over the next years. Furthermore, we identified several factors that contribute to high radiation exposure. This can aid in detecting the cause of an exceeded DRL and optimize the treatment workflow.

Original languageEnglish
JournalClinical Neuroradiology
Issue number4
Pages (from-to)1023-1033
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 12.2023

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  • Academic Focus: Center for Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (CBBM)

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  • 206-07 Clinical Neurology Neurosurgery and Neuroradiology

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