Quality of Service in Networks and Distributed Systems

A. Campbell, Stefan Fischer, K. Nahrstedt, L. Wolf


Distributed multimedia systems are becoming more and more i mportant in many situations of our daily life, for instance in office appl ications (video conferencing), learning environments (tele-teaching and tel e-l arning, virtual universities), or entertainment (online games, video-on-demand ). Usually, some of the media types used in such an application have specific require ments on their transmission and presentation. The notion of Quality of Service ( QoS) plays a central role when discussing about how to fulfil these requirements o f multimedia applications. Distributed multimedia systems need QoS support i n order to function properly. Moreover, other applications such as certain sim ulation systems need QoS functionality as well. For this reason, research in QoS has increased significantly during the past few years. For an end-to-end QoS, which is in most applications n ecessary (user to user), support has to be provided in all components of the par ticipating systems, i.e., the end system components, the communication system a nd the application. Accordingly, there has been active QoS research in network h ardware (switches, routers), protocol software (RSVP, RTP etc.), operating sy stems (CPU scheduling), user interfaces, etc. Today, some of the basic technical iss ues are understood, but a significant amount of work is still necessary. Furthermore , additional research is devoted to (partially) non-technical issues such as pricin g for QoS, but also new technical developments such as Active Networks. This seminar concentrated on these new issues. In 30 talks an d a number of panel discussions, the following topics were covered: Qo S Architectures/QoS Management, Integrated and Differentiated Services, Mult icas and Routing Issues for QoS, QoS in Mobile and Wireless Environments, Pricing an d Accounting for QoS, QoS in Heterogeneous Networks, Active/Programmable N etworks and QoS, QoS in Middleware, User Level QoS, and Adaptive Application s. This report gives an outline of all talks and thus provides a good overview of th e current state of the art in QoS research. LESS
Original languageEnglish
PublisherBericht zum Dagstuhl-Seminar Nr. 02441
Publication statusPublished - 01.10.2003


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