Prinzipien musikalischer Telepräsenz

Alexander Carôt, Christian Werner


    Playing live with someone abroad can be considered as a major challenge for musicians and sound engineers likewise. Due to cognitive, technical and purely musical problems and restrictions it had so far been impossible to reproduce a realistic rehearsing scenario as if in the same room. However, since nowadays the Internet offers sufficiant bandwidth and reliability it can satisfy the high demands and actually fulfill the extreme time critical restrictions. In order to achieve the most decent latency and quality of a network, the Soundjack software has been developed and applied in terms of a musical telepresence. In this workshop the authors will demonstrate what problems sound engineers and musicians have to overcome in context with audio- and network delays and how alternative high delay solutions can be applied. As a practical showcase three musicians in Lübeck/Germany, Leipzig/Germany and possibly further locations will be connected via the Soundjack software in order to play music under different delay conditions. In that context relevant Soundjack features will be explained and applied to the current network condition.

    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 01.11.2008
    EventTagungsband der 25. Deutschen Tonmeistertagung
    - Leipzig, Germany
    Duration: 13.11.200816.11.2008


    ConferenceTagungsband der 25. Deutschen Tonmeistertagung

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