Principles of protein X-ray crystallography: Third edition

Jan Drenth*, Jeroen R. Mesters

*Corresponding author for this work
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X-ray crystallography has long been a vital method for studying the structure of proteins and other macromolecules. As the importance of proteins continues to grow, in fields from biochemistry and biophysics to pharmaceutical development and biotechnology, many researchers have found that a knowledge of X-ray diffraction is an indispensable tool. In this new edition of his essential work, Dr. Jan Drenth, recognized internationally for his numerous contributions to crystallographic research, has provided an up-to-date and technically rigorous introduction to the subject. Principles of Protein X-ray Crystallography provides the theoretical background necessary to understand how the structure of proteins is determined at atomic resolution. It is intended to serve as an introduction for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and established scientists who want to use protein crystallography in their own endeavors, or need to understand the subject in order to critically evaluate the literature. New additions to the book include a section on twinning, an additional chapter on crystal growth and a discussion of single-wavelength anomalous dispersion (SAD).

Original languageEnglish
PublisherSpringer New York LLC
Number of pages332
ISBN (Print)9780387333342
ISBN (Electronic)9780387337463
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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