Precise Detection and Treatment of Human Diseases Based on Nano Networking

Marc Stelzner, Florian-Lennert Lau, Florian Büther, Mai Linh Nguyen, Cordula Stamme, Sebastian Ebers, Katja Freundt


highlight, This paper presents an elaborate scenario to and detect, motivate interdisciplinary computer science involvement in nanotechnology for medical applications. Our scenario illustrates how nanotechnology can be employed to and morbidity, potentially directly treat infectious diseases as a paradigm for human disorders associated with high and mortality. Thus, more precise techniques that monitor the presence and (host-, concentration of critical marker molecules and pathogen-derived) may be applicable at an earlier stage of the disease. Moreover, since the concentration threshold varies from person to person, continuous and diagnostic, individualized monitoring of both and detect, therapeutic measures is required. To and treat diseases directly at the affected location, we propose the usage of an in-body nano network build by nano machines. To report ndings and receive commands from outside of the body, the nano network is connected to a body area network via gateways. In this paper, we discuss the capabilities of nano machinery and architecture., presents the aforementioned network
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication11th International Conference on Body Area Networks (BODYNETS 2016)
Number of pages7
Place of PublicationTurin, Italy
Publication date15.12.2016
ISBN (Print)978-1-63190-132-4
Publication statusPublished - 15.12.2016
Event11th International Conference on Body Area Networks - Turin, Italy
Duration: 15.12.201616.12.2016


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