Partial Fourier Compressed Sensing

M. Doneva, P. Börnert, H. Eggers, A. Mertins


Introduction:Partial k-space sampling is often used to reduce the acquisition time (half-Fourier imaging) or shorten the echo time (partialechoimaging) [1]. In the striving to minimizeimaging time, even higher dimensional partial Fourier sampling has been proposed, measuring a reduced k-space in two dimensions [2]. However, with such undersampling there is always a part of k-space that cannot be recovered. Combining partialFourier imaging with other constrained reconstruction methods could improve the reconstruction and yield further acceleration.This has been shownin several papers for a combined parallelimaging-partial Fourier reconstruction [3-5].In this work, we consider the combination of partial Fourierimaging with compressed sensing (CS) [6-8] and furtherextend the reconstruction to multi-coil acquisition.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 01.05.2010
EventJoint Annual Meeting ISMRM- ESMRMB 2010 - Stockholm, Sweden
Duration: 01.05.201007.05.2010


ConferenceJoint Annual Meeting ISMRM- ESMRMB 2010
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