OMAP 3 based signal processing for biomedical engineering teaching

M. Klostermann, O. Christ, K. Mankodiya, S. Vogt, U. G. Hofmann


When it comes to academic signal processing, students' experiences are sometimes spoilt by the dry nature of the topic, applying only mathematical methods. We propose in the following a more hands-on method to acquire signal processing experiences by utilizing state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processor hardware for biomedical engineering related tasks. In order to circumvent hindering setup problems we provide students with a complete and royalty free development environment based on Virtual Machines to program an OMAP3530 dual core processor. That way students can jump start implementing class relevant signal processing algorithms and gain a physical impression of realtime signal processing.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2009 17th European Signal Processing Conference
Number of pages5
Publication date01.08.2009
ISBN (Print)978-161-7388-76-7
Publication statusPublished - 01.08.2009
Event17th European Signal Processing Conference - Glasgow, United Kingdom
Duration: 24.08.200928.08.2009
Conference number: 91099


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