New susceptibility locus for coronary artery disease on chromosome 3q22.3

Jeanette Erdmann*, Anika Großhennig, Peter S. Braund, Inke R. König, Christian Hengstenberg, Alistair S. Hall, Patrick Linsel-Nitschke, Sekar Kathiresan, Ben Wright, David Alexandre Trégouët, Francois Cambien, Petra Bruse, Zouhair Aherrahrou, Arnika K. Wagner, Klaus Stark, Stephen M. Schwartz, Veikko Salomaa, Roberto Elosua, Olle Melander, Benjamin F. VoightChristopher J. O'Donnell, Leena Peltonen, David S. Siscovick, David Altshuler, Piera Angelica Merlini, Flora Peyvandi, Luisa Bernardinelli, Diego Ardissino, Arne Schillert, Stefan Blankenberg, Tanja Zeller, Philipp Wild, Daniel F. Schwarz, Laurence Tiret, Claire Perret, Stefan Schreiber, Nour Eddine El Mokhtari, Arne Schäfer, Winfried März, Wilfried Renner, Peter Bugert, Harald Klüter, Jürgen Schrezenmeir, Diana Rubin, Stephen G. Ball, Anthony J. Balmforth, H. Erich Wichmann, Thomas Meitinger, Marcus Fischer, Christa Meisinger, Jens Baumert, Annette Peters, Willem H. Ouwehand, Panos Deloukas, John R. Thompson, Andreas Ziegler, Nilesh J. Samani, Heribert Schunkert

*Corresponding author for this work
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We present a three-stage analysis of genome-wide SNP data in 1,222 German individuals with myocardial infarction and 1,298 controls, in silico replication in three additional genome-wide datasets of coronary artery disease (CAD) and subsequent replication in ∼25,000 subjects. We identified one new CAD risk locus on 3q22.3 in MRAS (P = 7.44 × 10-13; OR = 1.15, 95% CI = 1.11-1.19), and suggestive association with a locus on 12q24.31 near HNF1A-C12orf43 (P = 4.81 × 10-7; OR = 1.08, 95% CI = 1.05-1.11).

Original languageEnglish
JournalNature Genetics
Issue number3
Pages (from-to)280-282
Number of pages3
Publication statusPublished - 01.03.2009


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