Netjack - Remote music collaboration with electronic sequencers on the Internet

Alexander Carôt, Torben Hohn, Christian Werner


The JACK audio server with its ability to pro-cess audio streams of numerous applications with realtime priority, has major significance in context with audio processing on Linux driven personal com-puters. Although the Soundjack and the Jacktrip project already use JACK in terms of remote hand-made music collaboration, there is currently no tech-nology available, which supports the interconnection of electronic music sequencers. This paper intro-duces the Netjack tool, which achieves sample ac-curate timeline synchronization by applying the de-layed feedback approach (DFA) and in turn repre-sents the first solution towards this goal.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 01.06.2009
EventThe Linux Audio Conference 2009 - La Casa della Musica, Parma, Italy
Duration: 16.04.200919.04.2009


ConferenceThe Linux Audio Conference 2009


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