Measurement of optical-Transport-coefficients of intralipid in visible and NIR range

Yingtian Pan, Raif Engethardt, Jurgen Rosperich, Gereon Huttmann, Reginald Birngruber


This article presents a modified method of measuring the optical-Transport-coefficients of Intralipid: The diffuse reflectance of Intralipid with added-ink Rd is measured by using an integrating sphere to calculate the scattering coefficient j4 the effective attenuation coefficient jueff S measured by scanning the surface of pure Intralipid suspension with a cut-end, high NA fiber-optic tip (46OOim, NA=O.48) in order to directly derive the absorption uao1' pure Intralipid. In the same way, their wavelength dependencies between O.48-O.85jtm are measured by utilising Art, Dye and Ti:Sapphire lasers. Experiments show that t(?) varies with ? according to the previously reported Mie theory, t'(?) decreases with ? while Rd(?) is nearly invariant within the wavelength range; the scattering anisotropy g(?) tends to decrease linearly with ? from 0.91 to 0.78; jt(?) first decreases with ? till ?O.6lim and then gradually increases with ?.In the Rdink experiments, it has been found that when the port of the integrating sphere is lifted above the liquid surface, the dependence of the measured intensity with the height H can be well-fitted into an exponential relation for H-3cm and Lorenzian relation for H-lOcm, so Rd" can be accurately derived by a simple extrapolation over a few measured points to H=O. Monte-Carlo simulation is applied to analyse the results.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationLaser-Tissue Interaction V; and Ultraviolet Radiation Hazards
EditorsSteven L. Jacques, David H. Sliney, Michael Belkin
Number of pages10
Publication date17.08.1994
Article number1342
Publication statusPublished - 17.08.1994
EventLaser-Tissue Interaction V; and Ultraviolet Radiation Hazards 1994 - Los Angeles, United States
Duration: 23.01.199429.01.1994
Conference number: 154504

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  • Academic Focus: Biomedical Engineering


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