MarathonNet: Adding value to large scale sport events - A connectivity analysis

Dennis Pfisterer, Martin Lipphardt, Garsten Buschmann, Horst Hellbrück, Stefan Fischer, Jan Hendrik Sauselin


The project MarathonNet develops wireless sensor networks for monitoring runners during marathon events. The application requires a high degree of connectivity In order to provide actual data for runners and spectators. Depending on the distribution of the runners on the track, the communication range and the number of base stations network partitions might occur that reduce connectivity. To Investigate these dependencies In detail we conducted various simulations on connectivity. In this paper we first Introduce the application scenario and discuss the impact of the different parameters and their Interrelations. We then present the simulation results and discuss their consequences for the application design.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInterSense '06 Proceedings of the first international conference on Integrated internet ad hoc and sensor networks
Publication date01.12.2006
Article number1142696
ISBN (Print)1-59593-427-8
Publication statusPublished - 01.12.2006
Event1st International Conference on Integrated Internet Ad hoc and Sensor Networks - Nice, France
Duration: 30.05.200631.05.2006


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