DNA-based nanonetworks have a wide range of promising use cases, especially in the field of medicine. With a large set of agents, a partially observable stochastic environment, and noisy observations, such nanoscale systems can be modelled as a decentralised, partially observable, Markov decision process (DecPOMDP). As the agent set is a dominating factor, this paper presents (i) lifted DecPOMDPs, partitioning the agent set into sets of indistinguishable agents, reducing the worst-case space required, and (ii) a nanoscale medical system as an application. Future work turns to solving and implementing lifted DecPOMDPs.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 18.10.2021

Research Areas and Centers

  • Centers: Center for Artificial Intelligence Luebeck (ZKIL)
  • Research Area: Intelligent Systems

DFG Research Classification Scheme

  • 409-04 Operating, Communication, Database and Distributed Systems


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