Landmark Navigation for Forensic Facial Reconstruction

M. Pung, S. Theisen, D. Thomsen, J. Bongartz, T. M. Buzug


The recent developments in the IT-sector and the implicated improvement of computing power and progress in technologies for visualization, lead to novel ways for computer-aided forensic facial re- construction. The first part of this work includes the interactive navigation of predefined landmarks, the interpolation of points between these landmarks and a 3D Spline approach. With the help of this method surfaces for the facial reconstruction can be calculated. The visualization of the skull is based on a CT data set. For the placement of the landmarks an optical tracking system is used. The second part of this work concerns the implementation of a real time system to provide a fast and efficient forensic work frame. For this purpose a PC-system is used, which contains a graphic accel- erator manufactured by TeraRecon Company. The visualization toolkit from kitwareTM is used as an interface between a Java implementation and the graphic accelerator.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages18
Publication statusPublished - 2007


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