Komplikationen nach Rückverlegung protektiver lleostomata

Translated title of the contribution: Complications after loop ileostomy reversal


Loop ileostomy plays a potential role in colonic and rectal resections. The main goal is the protection of the patient in case of anastomotic insufficiency. Nevertheless the reversal of loop ileostomy contains own specific surgical and non-surgical complications. Based on clinical data we performed a retrospective analysis of 627 loop ileostomy reversals from our department over a time period of 17 years. We divided into minor (no reoperation necessary) and major (reoperation necessary) complications. Overall 627 (57,3%; 42,7%) with valid data could be identified. Minor complications occurred in 35,2%, major complications in 7%. Hospital mortality was 1%, in 1 patient due to anastomotic insufficiency, in 6 patients due to non-surgical complications. In general, the reversal of loop ileostomy often is considered as a minor surgical procedure with none or low complication rate, and most of the I procedures are assisted to residencies. Neverthe- ; less, patients suffer after reversal of loop ileosto- i mies from minor or major complications and the i procedure has a low, but relevant hospital morta- lity.

Translated title of the contributionComplications after loop ileostomy reversal
Original languageGerman
JournalChirurgische Praxis
Issue number2
Pages (from-to)219-233
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 01.04.2015

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  • 205-25 General and Visceral Surgery

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