IOTISS: Internet of things in smart streetlighting

Marco Cimdins, Wiland Arlt, Horst Hellbrück


In the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors measure data and transfer their measurements to servers on the Internet. Street lamps cover a large area, are in the proximity of buildings and sensors and thereby provide an ideal gateway for the IoT. In this paper, we introduce a system consisting of a transport network of street lamps operating in the 868 MHz ISM-band and a sensor network operating at 2.4 GHz ISM-band. Therefore, each street lamp contains at least two radio frequency equipped modules that communicate with each other via a local short-range wired bus system. We set up the nodes with the Contiki-NG operating system and an open protocol stack with state-of-the-art protocols for our applications. This solution serves as an open architecture for the IoT which is portable and flexible. The first results of our testbed and simulation show the functionality of the system. In the future, optimization and further test are required to ensure the scalability of the system.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMobile Communication - Technologies and Applications; 24. ITG-Symposium
Number of pages6
Publication date06.06.2020
ISBN (Print)978-3-8007-4961-4
Publication statusPublished - 06.06.2020
Event24th ITG-Symposium on Mobile Communication - Technologies and Applications
- Osnabrück, Germany
Duration: 15.05.201916.05.2019
Conference number: 158317


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