Enno Schmidt*

*Corresponding author for this work


In this chapter, the structure of the book is described and an overview about techniques for biopsies of the oral mucosa is given. Biopsies are frequently required for the diagnosis of oral lesions and both the choice of the biopsy site and sample storage are paramount for direct immunofluorescence microcopy and to receive optimal results by conventional histopathology. In addition, limitations of the book are indicated.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDiseases of the Oral Mucosa : Study Guide and Review
Number of pages3
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Publication date01.01.2022
ISBN (Print)9783030828035
ISBN (Electronic)9783030828042
Publication statusPublished - 01.01.2022

Research Areas and Centers

  • Academic Focus: Center for Infection and Inflammation Research (ZIEL)
  • Centers: Center for Research on Inflammation of the Skin (CRIS)

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  • 204-05 Immunology
  • 205-19 Dermatology


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