Influences of Neck and/or Wrist Pain on Hand Grip Strength of Industrial Quality Proofing Workers

Bettina Wollesen, Julia Gräf*, Nils Schumacher, Gianluca Meyer, Matthias Wanstrath, Christian Feldhaus, Kerstin Luedtke, Klaus Mattes

*Corresponding author for this work


Background: The aim of this study was to analyze the interaction between neck and/or wrist pain and hand grip strength (HGS) and to investigate factors (age, sex, neck disorders, and carpal tunnel syndrome) influencing the HGS of industrial quality proofing workers (N = 145). Methods: Standardized questionnaires [Neck Disability Index (NDI), Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire] were used to evaluate existing neck and/or wrist pain. HGS measurements were performed in different wrist positions. Results: Significant differences between participants with and without neck pain were found in different wrist positions, in neutral wrist position right [without neck pain (n = 48) 46.34 (43.39 – 49.30); with neck pain (n = 97) 38.46 (36.20 – 40.72), F(1,144) = 16.82, p < 0.001, ŋp2 = 0.11] and left [without neck pain 44.06 (41.19 – 46.94); with neck pain 37.36 (35.13 – 39.58), F(1,144) = 12.70, p < 0.001, ŋp2 = 0.08]. A significant difference between participants with and without wrist pain was found for neutral wrist position right [without wrist pain (n = 105) 42.53 (40.37 – 44.70); with wrist pain (n = 40) 37.24 (33.56 – 40.91), F(1,144) = 6.41, p = 0.01, ŋp2 = 0.04]. Regression analysis showed significant results especially for steps two (age and weight, NDI) and three (age and weight, NDI, Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire) for neutral position right (R2 = 0.355, R2 = 0.357, respectively). Conclusion: Neck pain has an impact on HGS but should be evaluated in consideration of age and sex.

Original languageEnglish
JournalSafety and Health at Work
Publication statusPublished - 06.07.2020


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