High-power FDML laser for swept source-OCT at 1060 nm

Sebastian Marschall, Thomas Klein, Wolfgang Wieser, Benjamin Biedermann, Kevin Hsu, Bernd Sumpf, Karl-Heinz Hasler, Götz Erbert, Ole B Jensen, Christian Pedersen, Robert Huber, Peter E Andersen


We present a novel frequency-swept light source working at 1060nm that utilizes a tapered amplifier as gain medium. These devices feature significantly higher saturation power than conventional semiconductor optical amplifiers and can thus improve the limited output power of swept sources in this wavelength range. We demonstrate that a tapered amplifier can be integrated into a fiber-based swept source and allows for high-speed FDML operation. The developed light source operates at a sweep rate of 116kHz with an effective average output power in excess of 30mW. With a total sweep range of 70 nm an axial resolution of 15 μm in air (~11μm in tissue) for OCT applications can be achieved.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBiophotonics: Photonic Solutions for Better Health Care II
EditorsJürgen Popp, Wolfgang Drexler, Valery V Tuchin, Dennis L Matthews
Number of pages5
Publication date17.05.2010
ISBN (Print)9780819481887
Publication statusPublished - 17.05.2010
- Brussels, Belgium
Duration: 12.04.201016.04.2010


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