HANSE-Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for the SAUCE Competition 2010

Christoph Osterloh, Johannes Hartmann, Marek Litza, Benjamin Meyer, Jan Helge Klüssendorff, Thomas Tosik, Erik Maehle, Dariush Forouher


HANSE (Hanseatic Autonomous Nautic-Bot for SAUC-E) is the advancement of our autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) built by students from the University of Luebeck for the ’Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge Europe (SAUC-E) 2009’. It is 65 cm long, 75 cm wide, 40 cm deep and weights approximately 20 kg in air. The vehicle is composed of a waterproof case that is mounted on a ’sledge’. The AUV is powered by four thrusters. With its three cameras, an active scanning sonar, a pressure sensor, a compass and an inertial measurement unit, this vehicle is able to perform all tasks in this competition. As the innovation of this AUV, we use two webcams to generate a map and to localize the AUV by the information of the stereo image.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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