GERD und adjuvante Radiochemotherapie prädisponieren für rezidivierende Stimmprotheseninsuffizienz

Translated title of the contribution: GERD and adjuvant radio-chemotherapy predespose to recurrent voice prosthesis leakage

Daniel Jira*, Anja Pickhard, Lena Mair, Zhaojun Zhu, Barbara Wollenberg, Anna Maria Stefanie Buchberger

*Corresponding author for this work


After total laryngectomy, regaining ability to speech is a keystone in regards of life quality. Voice prostheses have been shown to be a sufficient tool for satisfying communication, although frequent replacements of prostheses are burdening certain patients. Therefore, a more accurate understanding of mechanisms of prosthetic leakage is urgently needed. Methods: We performed a retrospective analysis of 58 Patients after laryngectomy. Additionally, we analyzed pre-and post-therapeutic CT-scans of 22 Patients regarding pharyngeal stenosis. Results: In 40 Patients, at least one replacement of voice prosthesis was documented during observation period, median device life was 235 days. Patients treated with adjuvant radiotherapy (RT) showed a significantly longer device life than patients with adjuvant radio-chemotherapy (RCT, p = 0.002). Furthermore, patients suffering of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) showed a significantly shortened device life (p = 0.04). 17 patients (42.5 %) suffered of clinically relevant stenosis of the neopharynx, which was treated with dilatation in 14 patients (82 %) and did not affect prosthesis device life. Conclusion: GERD is a risk factor for shortened voice prosthesis' device life and therefore should be treated effectively after laryngectomy. Also, adjuvant RCT predisposes a shortened device life. Stenosis is observed frequently after laryngectomy but does not affect device life when effectively treated.

Translated title of the contributionGERD and adjuvant radio-chemotherapy predespose to recurrent voice prosthesis leakage
Original languageGerman
JournalLaryngo- Rhino- Otologie
Issue number11
Pages (from-to)788-794
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 01.11.2020


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