Etablierung einer Interdisziplinären Pharmakotherapeutischen Fallkonferenz

Translated title of the contribution: Establishment of an interdisciplinary pharmacotherapeutic case conference

Julia Thern*, Hans Gerd Strobel, Markus Schwaninger

*Corresponding author for this work


The majority of university medical centers comprise an institute of phar-macology and a hospital pharmacy. In order to interlink the activities of both institutions at the university hospital of Schleswig-Holstein, campus Liibeck, an interdisciplinary pharmacotherapeutic case conference was initiated in June 2012. The pharmacotherapeutic case conference was evaluated by question-naire. Additionally, questionnaires were sent to German university medi-cal centers in order to survey which institutions maintain a pharmaco-therapeutic case conference and collect their experiences. 19 out of 21 questionnaires (90%) of the internal evaluation were returned. Past case presentations were rated good for problem-oriented learning {median 2, interquartile 2-3 on a scale of 1-5) and acquired knowledge was well applicable in daily work (median 2, interquartile 2-3). Respon-dents appraised the case conference as preparation for possible future scope of duties. For the survey of university medical centers, 50% of ques-tionnaires were returned. Only one hospital reported a comparable con-ference. A monthly pharmacotherapeutic case conference is suitable for problem- oriented interdisciplinary exchange. In order to strengthen the inter-disciplinary character of the case conference, more physicians who are involved in patient care will be integrated.

Translated title of the contributionEstablishment of an interdisciplinary pharmacotherapeutic case conference
Original languageGerman
Issue number7
Pages (from-to)360-363
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 07.2013


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