Efficacy and safety of oral ritlecitinib for the treatment of active nonsegmental vitiligo: A randomized phase 2b clinical trial

Khaled Ezzedine*, Elena Peeva, Yuji Yamaguchi, Lori Ann Cox, Anindita Banerjee, George Han, Iltefat Hamzavi, Anand K. Ganesan, Mauro Picardo, Diamant Thaçi, John E. Harris, Jung Min Bae, Katsuhiko Tsukamoto, Rodney Sinclair, Amit G. Pandya, Abigail Sloan, Dahong Yu, Kavita Gandhi, Michael S. Vincent, Brett King

*Corresponding author for this work
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Background: Vitiligo is a chronic autoimmune disorder characterized by depigmented patches of the skin. Objective: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of ritlecitinib, an oral JAK3 (Janus kinase)/TEC (tyrosine kinase expressed in hepatocelluar carcinoma) inhibitor, in patients with active nonsegmental vitiligo in a phase 2b trial (NCT03715829). Methods: Patients were randomized to once-daily oral ritlecitinib ± 4-week loading dose (200/50 mg, 100/50 mg, 30 mg, or 10 mg) or placebo for 24 weeks (dose-ranging period). Patients subsequently received ritlecitinib 200/50 mg daily in a 24-week extension period. The primary efficacy endpoint was percent change from baseline in Facial-Vitiligo Area Scoring Index at week 24. Results: A total of 364 patients were treated in the dose-ranging period. Significant differences from placebo in percent change from baseline in Facial-Vitiligo Area Scoring Index were observed for the ritlecitinib 50 mg groups with (−21.2 vs 2.1; P < .001) or without (−18.5 vs 2.1; P < .001) a loading dose and ritlecitinib 30 mg group (−14.6 vs 2.1; P = .01). Accelerated improvement was observed after treatment with ritlecitinib 200/50 mg in the extension period (n = 187). No dose-dependent trends in treatment-emergent or serious adverse events were observed across the 48-week treatment. Limitations: Patients with stable vitiligo only were excluded. Conclusions: Oral ritlecitinib was effective and well tolerated over 48 weeks in patients with active nonsegmental vitiligo.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of the American Academy of Dermatology
Issue number2
Pages (from-to)395-403
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 02.2023

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