Development of an Organic Computing Architecture for Robot Control

Bojan Jakimovski, Marek Litza, Florian Msch, Adam El Sayed Auf


Motivated by the vision of Organic Computing, a concept is proposed towards building a more robust robot control architecture. An experimental setup is described that allows to develop, implement and test new approaches and their practical realizations on a walking robot demonstrator. These experiments demonstrate that normal walking of the robot can be distinguished from the walking with a defective leg or against an obstacle by observing appropriate sensor signals from the legs. Based on this, the properties of self-adaptation and self-reconfiguration in case of malfunctions of some parts or in case of obstacle avoidance can be realized.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationINFORMATIK 2006 - Informatik für Menschen
Number of pages8
PublisherGesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn
Publication date01.12.2006
ISBN (Print)978-388579187-4
Publication statusPublished - 01.12.2006
EventINFORMATIK 2006 36th Annual Conference of the German Informatics Society (GI): Informatics for People - Dresden, Germany
Duration: 02.10.200606.10.2006
Conference number: 95686


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