Cycles as edge intersection hypergraphs

Martin Sonntag, Hanns-Martin Teichert


If H = (V,E) is a hypergraph, its edge intersection hypergraph EI(H) = (V,EEI) hastheedgesetEEI={e1∩e2|e1,e2∈E∧e1̸=e2 ∧|e1∩e2|≥2}.Pickingupaproblem from [7], for n ≥ 24 we prove that there is a 3-regular (and - if n is even - 6-uniform) hypergraph H = (V,E) with ⌈n⌉ hyperedges and EI(H) = Cn.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2019


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