Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Motion Detection under Varying Illumination

Daniel Toth, Til Aach, Volker Metzler


The detection of moving objects in image sequences acquired by a static camera is a demanding task in the presence of noise. With fast illumination variations detection becomes even more difficult since simple motion detection will always be subject to illumination artifacts. To solve these problems, we propose a Bayesian spatio-temporal motion detection algorithm combined with homomorphic filtering. The image sequence is modelled as being generated by an illumination and a reflectance component that are approximately separated by the filter. Detection of changes in the reflectance component is directly related to scene changes, i.e. object motion. Experimental results show that the presented method is considerably less sensitive to noise and time-varying scene illumination.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2000 10th European Signal Processing Conference
Publication date31.03.2000
Article number7075337
ISBN (Print)978-952-1504-43-3
Publication statusPublished - 31.03.2000
Event2000 10th European Signal Processing Conference
- Tampere, Finland
Duration: 04.09.200008.09.2000
Conference number: 112800


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