RU 2863, Subproject C2: Metrology-in-the-Field for THz Networked Systems

  • Berekovic, Mladen (Principal Investigator (PI))
  • Jukan, Admela (Principal Investigator (PI))
  • Kürner, Thomas (Principal Investigator (PI))

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Project Details


Project C2 (Metrology-in-the-Field for THz Networked Systems) addresses further evolution in THz system metrology, from parallel multi-channel systems to multi-hop and multi-path THz communications. Similar to the systems where the communication between one transmitter and one receiver is expected to meet the requirements of Quality of THz transmission (QoT), also multi-hop and multi-path communication systems need to be characterized by the parameters of channel states. In THz system metrology, this vision requires for the system and control architecture to be defined, including wireless transmission protocols, channel coding schemes, but also the consideration of channel state information such as noise estimation, modulation format recognition, encoding and decoding processes. To implement this vision in the real-world system with measurements is a daunting challenge. Building on phase I of project C2, PI Jukan will extend the measurement estimation methods for complex scenarios with relays, and even multiple nodes with path selections (routing). PI Kürner, PI Humphreys and PI Jukan will carry out an explicit multihop experiment with a repeater using the channel sounder from TUBS and the 300 GHz transmission available at PTB.. PI Berekovic will develop AI algorithms for Modulation Detection taking into account RF Impairments and implement this algorithms on an FPGA. In sum, we propose to work towards two main objectives in phase II:(i) Design the reference system and control plane architecture of THz networked systems, and the related algorithms to detect RF impairments as basis for their mitigation, including: feedback loop optimization, path computation, and adaptive modulations.(ii) Exploit simulations and experiment data, including a table top experimental setup of a multi-hop THz networked system, to study the influence of a relay node on the overall channel and system characteristics, including eavesdropping security performance.
Effective start/end date01.01.19 → …

DFG Research Classification Scheme

  • 408-02 Communications, High-Frequency and Network Technology, Theoretical Electrical Engineering