Research Training Group RTG 791: Neural Developmental and Degenerative Processes: Basic Research and Clinical Implications

  • Monyer, Hannah (Speaker, Coordinator)
  • Bading, Hilmar (Project Staff)
  • Bartsch, Dusan (Project Staff)
  • Ciccolini, Francesca (Project Staff)
  • Draguhn, Andreas (Project Staff)
  • Friedrich, Rainer (Project Staff)
  • Hartmann, Tobias (Project Staff)
  • Henn, Fritz A. (Project Staff)
  • Hutter, Harald (Project Staff)
  • Misgeld, Ulrich (Project Staff)
  • Niehrs, Christof (Project Staff)
  • Offermanns, Stefan (Project Staff)
  • Pollerberg, Gabriele Elisabeth (Project Staff)
  • Rappold, Gudrun (Project Staff)
  • Rozov, Andrei (Project Staff)
  • Schwaninger, Markus (Project Staff)
  • Schütz, Günther (Project Staff)
  • Seeburg, Peter H. (Project Staff)
  • Unsicker, Klaus (Project Staff)
  • Wisden, William (Project Staff)
  • Witzemann, Veit (Project Staff)

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