EXC 2167: Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation (PMI)

  • Schreiber, Stefan (Speaker, Coordinator)
  • Baines, John F. (Project Staff)
  • Bosch, Thomas C G (Project Staff)
  • Buyx, Alena (Project Staff)
  • Erdmann, Jeanette (Project Staff)
  • Franke, André (Project Staff)
  • Huber, Robert (Project Staff)
  • Klein, Christine (Project Staff)
  • Köhl, Jörg (Project Staff)
  • König, Inke Regina (Project Staff)
  • Lange, Christoph (Project Staff)
  • Laudes, Matthias (Project Staff)
  • Lieb, Wolfgang (Project Staff)
  • Ludwig, Ralf (Project Staff)
  • Nebel, Almut (Project Staff)
  • Niemann, Stefan (Project Staff)
  • Rabe, Klaus F. (Project Staff)
  • Riemekasten, Gabriela (Project Staff)
  • Rose-John, Stefan (Project Staff)
  • Rosenstiel, Philip Caspar (Project Staff)
  • Schulenburg, Hinrich (Project Staff)
  • Schwarz, Karin (Project Staff)
  • Traulsen, Arne (Project Staff)
  • Weidinger, Stephan (Project Staff)
  • Zillikens, Detlef (Project Staff)

Project: DFG ProjectsDFG Cluster of Excellence


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Medicine & Life Sciences