EXC 2155 RESIST: Resolving Infection Susceptibility

  • Förster, Reinhold (Speaker, Coordinator)
  • Hansen, Gesine (Speaker, Coordinator)
  • Schulz, Thomas (Speaker, Coordinator)
  • Cicin-Sain, Luka (Project Staff)
  • Cornberg, Markus (Project Staff)
  • Dersch, Petra (Project Staff)
  • Eschenburg, Susanne (Project Staff)
  • Gerardy-Schahn, Rita (Project Staff)
  • Grimbacher, Bodo (Project Staff)
  • Grünewald, Kay (Project Staff)
  • Häußler, Susanne (Project Staff)
  • Hühn, Jochen (Project Staff)
  • Illig, Thomas (Project Staff)
  • Kalinke, Ulrich (Principal Investigator (PI))
  • Krey, Thomas (Project Staff)
  • Manns, Michael Peter (Project Staff)
  • McHardy, Alice C. (Project Staff)
  • Müller, Rolf (Project Staff)
  • Osterhaus, Albert (Project Staff)
  • Pietschmann, Thomas (Project Staff)
  • Prinz, Immo (Project Staff)
  • Strowig, Till (Project Staff)
  • Viemann, Dorothee (Project Staff)
  • Werfel, Thomas (Project Staff)
  • Witte, Torsten (Project Staff)

Project: DFG ProjectsDFG Cluster of Excellence


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Medicine & Life Sciences