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Service Platform for Medical Systems Biology

The service platform for (Medical) Systems Biology is located in the Lübeck Institute for Experimental Dermatology (LIED). Our task is to provide bioinformatic support for institutions, work groups and scientists as well as master students and doctoral students from the University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein and the University of Lübeck.

We can advise you on project planning to clarify at an early stage whether specific scientific questions can be answered within your experimental planning  to avoid future complications. We develop the desired goals for the data evaluation together with you and carry out the bioinformatics analysis and modelling. On request, we also accompany the process of data evaluation.


We can support you as follows:
•    Design of experiments
•    Data evaluation concepts for grant applications
•    Data preparation
•    Bioinformatic evaluation (e.g. NGS data, microarray data, microbial data)
•    Statistical analysis of biological and medical data

Service catalogue

A. Short consultation
The short consultation includes one-time help for projects and should not take longer than 60 minutes. As a rule, a maximum of two consultations are covered by the short consultation. Among others, the following short consultations are offered:

•    Support with experiment planning
•    Support with simple bioinformatic/statistical problems

B. Project-related support and collaborations
With project-related support, a project is accompanied over a longer period of time. This can range from project planning to successful publication and beyond. Support can be provided for the following points (not comprehensive):

•    Complete project support from planning to data evaluation to publication
•    Consulting regarding planning phase and/or evaluation phase
•    Data analysis
•    Data interpretation
•    Report generation and data presentation
•    Data storage for ongoing projects
•    Ddata transfer
•    Training, courses and further education (in planning)


A. Short consultation
Appointments for short consultations can be made by email, in person or by telephone. A short written explanation (100-200 words) of the project is helpful to get an overview of the project.

B. Project-related support and collaborations
Consultation dates for project-related support can be arranged by email, in person or by telephone. It is necessary to submit a short written outline of the project (200-300 words) and explain where help is needed. During the first consultation, the extent of cooperation will be estimated.

The classification of projects in the order of processing is subject only to the employees of the service platform.