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Metabolomics meets Foodomics

The metabolic state of an organism depends on a complex interplay between genome, transcriptome, proteome, glycome, microbiome, epigenome, and many environmental factors. Therefore, the metabolome, which is the entirety of all small molecules with a molecular weight <1500 Da, is a perfect readout to discriminate health and disease. Complete knowledge about metabolites and their spatial distribution in an organism at a given time would offer unparalleled approaches to detect disease or to follow therapies. However, analysis of the complete metabolome is a significant challenge, and large parts of the metabolome are yet unidentified.

In a more general context this is a problem of analyzing complex compound mixtures. Using advanced NMR technology, we study the metabolome of cells and organisms to link metabolic states to health or disease. At the same time other projects focus on NMR technology to analyze food products and the influence of nutrition on the metabolome and thus on health. The scientific projects also reach out to health and nutrition industry, seeking technology-transfer projects with local companies. The NMR metabolomics platform houses three Bruker NMR spectrometers: a 600 MHz IVDr with cryo platform, a 600 MHz IVDr, and a 400 MHz food screener. The platform is complemented by a QTOF mass spectrometer maXis II.