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Human and sleep laboratories are available for studies for the research groups at CBBM.
Reservations can be made in consultation with Dr. Matthias Mölle (Login required!).

All human/sleep labs consist of a separate room for neuroscientific studies with one or more subjects. The labs provide sufficient space for equipment and computer workstations and can be closed with an opaque door. Observation of subjects via video camera and interaction via intercom is possible from the adjacent monitoring rooms.

The laboratories are bright, high rooms, which are supplied with daylight either by a generous glass front to the atrium of the CBBM or a window front to the outside. All laboratories have electrically operated darkening. Some of the laboratories are equipped with comfortable hospital beds for sleep studies. Several portable and stationary 32 channel EEG units are available. An opening in the wall allows cables to pass through to equipment in the monitoring room and tubing for remote blood sampling. All labs have a separate wet room with shower, sink and toilet.

Instruction in EEG recording in humans
Instruction in sleep studies in humans
Assistance in setting up neuroscientific experimental setups
Sleep EEG analysis
Evoked potential analysis
EEG frequency analysis
Programming of stimulation experiments using PsychoPy
BrainAmp DC and BrainAmp EXG, stationary 32-channel EEG amplifiers plus 16-channel amplifiers for bipolar and peripheral signals
LiveAmp and LiveAmp Sensor & Trigger Extension, portable and compact 32 channel EEG amplifier plus 8 channel amplifier for bipolar and peripheral signals and trigger extension (enables 8-bit trigger)