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Within the framework of the State Program Economy 2014-2020, with funding from the REACT-EU funding initiative of the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE), the University of Lübeck has been awarded just over EUR 1.3 million to establish a gait laboratory for research into Kl-assisted robotics for movement diagnostics and therapy optimization.

The research infrastructure project "Kl-assisted movement analysis and therapy" (KIBA) is a future-oriented investment on the BioMedTec science campus in Lübeck, with which research into Kl-assisted robotics for patient-specific movement diagnostics and therapy with a focus on walking is to be substantially strengthened. By means of an interdisciplinary, central laboratory, particularly precise patient examinations under variable conditions are to be made possible and these are to be used for the development of new robot-assisted rehabilitation methods at the highest technical level. The strong network of medical technology in Lübeck and the North German region is to be used to communicate and teach scientific findings from future projects and to make them accessible to people through cooperation with clinics and business partners.

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