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The age structure of Germany will pose a challenge for the health care system to ideally use the medical and nursing capacities in the country in the future.

COPICOH addresses this challenge with a multisectoral, multidisciplinary and holistic approach.

Increasing life expectancy increases the need for medical and nursing care. The increasing cost-intensive apparatus medicine and not least increasing expectations of the patients and patients generate enormous pressure on service providers.

COPICOH optimizes the healthcare system with the guiding principle of a patient journey from birth preparation to palliative care with end-to-end networked care structures and patient autonomy.

The growing complexity of care arrangements and processes with parallel declines in human resources leads to a huge increase in workload in all areas of health care, which not only impacts on job satisfaction among health professionals, but can also pose a real threat to quality of care and patient safety.

COPICOH uses user-centered research methods to develop innovative human-technology interactions in intelligent care environments with networked care processes.