CAnaCore - Cell Analysis Core Facility

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CAnaCore is a technical platform of the Center for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases that allows the microscopic and immunological analysis of various samples.

Cell-Sorting (FACSAria III, MoFlo Legacy):
Sorting into test glasses (1, 5, 15 ml) and into Multiwell Plates (6-, 24-, 48-, 96-, 384- Well Plates).
Cell Analysis (Aurora, LSR II, FV 1000): Characterization of phenotype and function

Introduction to flow cytometry LSR II and Aurora
Introduction to FACS-Diva software by BD and SpectroFlo by Cytek

Analytical support: Data analysis with FlowJo- and FACS-Diva-Software

Buffer Systems for Cell Sorting:
PBS/HEPES-Buffer (Standard PBS + 25 mM HEPES)
(Other buffer systems on demand.)

Flow Cytometry Analysis: LSR II (BD Biosciences)
Cytek Aurora (Cytek Biosciences)
Flow Cytometry Sorting: FACSAria III (BD Biosciences)
MoFlo Legacy (Beckman Coulter)
Convocal Laser Scanning Microscope (LSM): Olympus FLUOVIEW FV1000 (Olympus Lifescience)
Work station for analytical software: FlowJo v10.8

CAnaCore data will be saved for ten years and are stored on an external server.