Wie zufrieden sind frauen mit ihrer geburtsklinik?

Katja Stahl*

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Background: Growing competition among maternity hospitals and declining birth rates make pregnant women a target group that is much in demand. This article examines how satisfi ed women are with the maternity care they received in their hospital and which are the most important factors for women's satisfaction and their willingness to recommend the hospital to family and friends. Participants and Methods: A postal survey was undertaken. After discharge 3 073 women from 38 hospitals were sent a questionnaire. Results: Women were least satisfi ed with the discharge management (problem score 53 % ). Room amenities, food and room atmosphere were criticised by 29 % , 27 % and 24 % , respectively. More than a fi fth report problems in the interaction with nursing and medical staff (22 % each). Fifteen percent were not satisfi ed with the midwife/midwives caring for them during labour. The relationship with nurses, doctors and midwives are the main factors that infl uence women's willingness to recommend the hospital to family and friends. Discussion: Overall satisfaction with maternity care in hospital is high (problem score 10 % ); however, the fi ndings indicate that women see plenty of room for improvement in various areas. Conclusion: Clinical expertise, emotional support and successful communication are the key indicators for quality in maternity care as viewed by postnatal women. These skills need further development if women's satisfaction as well as their willingness to recommend the maternity hospital is to be improved.

Titel in ÜbersetzungHow satisfied are women with maternity care in hospital?
ZeitschriftZeitschrift fur Geburtshilfe und Neonatologie
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