Large-scale study programs on CDK4/6 inhibitors, targeted therapies, and antibody-drug conjugates launched in recent years have yielded results from current studies which are now being published in journals and presented at international conferences. In this context, new results are available from the major CDK4/6 inhibitor studies. Also, an increasing amount of data is being published from large-scale genomic studies on efficacy and resistance mechanisms in patients treated with CDK4/6 inhibitors. These results now form the basis for further research plans to investigate combination therapies and treatment sequencing. Based on the latest published results, sacituzumab govitecan is now available as a second antibody-drug conjugate; this brings an advantage in terms of overall survival for patients with hormone receptor-positive (HRpos)/HER2-negative (HER2neg) breast cancer. In this review article, we summarize the latest developments and place them in context according to the current status of research.

ZeitschriftGeburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde
Seiten (von - bis)299-309
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 03.2023

Strategische Forschungsbereiche und Zentren

  • Zentren: Universitäres Cancer Center Schleswig-Holstein (UCCSH)
  • Profilbereich: Lübeck Integrated Oncology Network (LION)


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