106Ruthenium eye plaque brachytherapy in the management of medium sized uveal melanoma

Ping Jiang*, Konstantine Purtskhvanidze, Gerit Kandzia, Dirk Neumann, Ulf Luetzen, Frank André Siebert, Johann Roider, Juergen Dunst

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Background: To evaluate 106Ruthenium Brachytherapy in management of medium sized uveal melanoma, with emphasis on 5-year outcome and toxicity. Methods: From April 2007 to October 2015, 39 patients with medium sized uveal melanoma were treated with 106 Ru eye plaques brachytherapy. At the time of diagnosis, the mean tumor depth was 3.7 mm (±SD:1.6 mm). The mean dose at the tumor apex was 141.4 Gy (± SD: 12.1 Gy) and 557.7 Gy (± SD: 257.3 Gy) to the sclera. Results: Mean follow-up was 69.5 months (± SD: 53.8 months). Thirty-four patients (87.1%) remained free of recurrence. Twenty-six patients (66.7%) demonstrated a complete tumor regression after a median period of 12 months (3-60 mon.). By the final examination, the visual acuity of 26 patients (66.7%) was better than 20/200, and 12 patients (30.7%) had a visual acuity better than 20/40. Retinopathy was detected in 11 patients (28.2%). After treatments only one patient (5.1%) had active vascular changes by the last examination. Moderate optic neuropathy was observed in 4 patients (10.3%). Cataract development was diagnosed in 21 patients (53.8%), and 16 patients (41%) had bilateral cataract development. Special emphasis was made on patients with larger tumors. Twelve out of the 39 patients had a tumor with a depth of 5 mm or more. There was no significant difference in local control or in side effects between both groups observed. Conclusions: Our study proved 106Ru -brachytherapy to be an excellent treatment option with regard to tumor control and preservation of the visual acuity in well-selected patients. Our data suggested that this treatment is also suitable for tumors with a depth of more than 5 mm.

ZeitschriftRadiation Oncology
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 29.07.2020


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