Stroke Treatment Academic Industry Roundtable: The Next Generation of Endovascular Trials

Tudor G. Jovin*, Gregory W. Albers, David S. Liebeskind

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Background and Purpose - The STAIR (Stroke Treatment Academic Industry Roundtable) meeting aims to advance acute stroke therapy development through collaboration between academia, industry, and regulatory institutions. In pursuit of this goal and building on recently available level I evidence of benefit from endovascular therapy (ET) in large vessel occlusion stroke, STAIR IX consensus recommendations were developed that outline priorities for future research in ET. Methods - Three key directions for advancing the field were identified: (1) development of systems of care for ET in large vessel occlusion stroke, (2) development of therapeutic approaches adjunctive to ET, and (3) exploring clinical benefit of ET in patient population insufficiently studied in recent trials. Methodological issues such as optimal trial design and outcome measures have also been addressed. Results - Development of systems of care strategies should be geared both toward ensuring broad access to ET for eligible patients and toward shortening time to reperfusion to the minimum possible. Adjunctive therapy development includes neuroprotective approaches, adjuvant microcirculatory/collateral enhancing strategies, and periprocedural management. Future research priorities seeking to expand the eligible patient population are to determine benefit of ET in patients presenting beyond conventional time windows, in patients with large baseline ischemic core lesions, and in other important subgroups. Conclusions - Research priorities in ET for large vessel occlusion stroke are to improve systems of care, investigate effective adjuvant therapies, and explore whether patient eligibility could be expanded.

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