BACKGROUND: This study aimed to describe sequences of vocational rehabilitation services among individuals with approved vocational rehabilitation in Germany and to identify typical service sequences.

METHODS: We used administrative data on vocational rehabilitation services and questionnaire data on health and work ability to describe frequencies and sequences of vocational rehabilitation services financed by the Federal German Pension Insurance. Through sequence analysis, we were able to map the service sequences. We did cluster analyses to identify typical different service sequences.

RESULTS: Our sample included 1,652 individuals with 2,584 services. Integration services and two-year vocational retraining were the most common services. We could identify three different service clusters around integration services: shorter ones, followed by employer benefits and without employer benefits. We found two different clusters around two-year vocational retraining: shorter and longer clusters. Two-year vocational retraining was more often initiated by preparatory services and followed by employer benefits than integration services. Longer services in both clusters were associated with better baseline data for physical health, work ability, risk of future work disability, and younger age than shorter services. People in two-year-vocational retraining reported at baseline better general health, better work ability, low risk of future work disability, and less mental illness compared to people in integration services.

CONCLUSIONS: Multiple services, that is, sequences of services, were more likely to occur among individuals with more complex services like two-year vocational retraining. Utilization of complex services and longer services was influenced by health, age, risk of future work disability, and education.

TRIAL REGISTRATION: German Clinical Trials Register DRKS00009910, registration 25/01/2016.

ZeitschriftBMC Health Services Research
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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 15.01.2024

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