Rule-Based Routing for Fault-Tolerant Parallel Computers

Werner Brockmann, Thomas Kosch, G. Lustig, Erik Maehle


Routing has an important influence on the performance of interconnection networks in parallel computers. Besides simple oblivious schemes like xy-routing for 2D grids there exist a lot of sophisticated adaptive and fault-tolerant routing algorithms which could however not be implemented so far, because there are no fast hardware routers which are able to support them. In this paper such a flexible and programmable router design is proposed which is based on a rulebased representation of routing algorithms. By making use of the ARON method a fast and efficient hardware rule interpreter can be implemented. The basic principle of rule-based routers is discussed taking typical adaptive routing algorithms as examples. The structure of a prototype is also presented. The influence of increased routing decision time by the rule interpreter is studied by means of simulations.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 01.12.1997


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