Robot-Assisted Pancreatic Surgery: A Structured Approach to Standardization of a Program and of the Operation

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Introduction: The use of robots in minimal invasive surgery has become increasingly common in recent years.Robot-assisted pancreatoduodenectomy preponderates against a laparoscopic procedure especially due to the greater flexibility of instruments and therefore a better handling and a better angulation. Furthermore, there are benefits of enlarged 3-D visibility, software-based tremor control, and reduced physical exertion of the surgeon. Methods and Results: This review delivers a point-by-point approach to the setup of a robot-assisted pancreatic program and a detailed approach to robot-assisted pancreatoduodenectomy. Results: In our standardized standard operating procedure approach we use 5 trocars, i.e., 4 robotic trocars and 1 assist trocar. We prefer the position of the robot ports in a straight horizontal line with a distance of 20 cm from the operational field. The operation is dissected into 11 standardized procedural steps as follows: (1) access to the pancreas and visualization, (2) extended Kocher manoeuvre, (3) lower rim and mesentericoportal axis, (4) upper rim and hepatoduodenal ligament, (5) dissection of the pancreatic neck, (6) mesenteric root and pars IV duodeni, (7) mesopancreas, (8) pancreatic anastomosis reconstruction, (9) bilioenteric anastomosis, (10) dudenojejunal anastomosis, and (11) drainage and closure. The setup of the pancreas program and the structured approach to complex pancreatic resections are elucidated. Summary: This review describes the approach to robot-assisted pancreatic surgery in a high-volume pancreas center on a structural and procedural level to support the establishment of such programs at other locations.

ZeitschriftVisceral Medicine
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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 01.04.2020

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