Repetitive shock wave therapy improves muscular microcirculation

Tobias Kisch*, Waldemar Wuerfel, Vinzent Forstmeier, Eirini Liodaki, Felix H. Stang, Karsten Knobloch, Peter Mailaender, Robert Kraemer

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Background Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is mainly applied in tendon as well as bone problems based on stem-cell activation and healing acceleration. The effect of ESWT on muscle tissue is much less understood to date. However, from a clinical perspective, muscle injuries are of distinct interest especially in elite athletes such as soccer players. Material and methods A total of 26 rats were randomized into two groups. Group A received a single application of high-energetic focused ESWT (0.3 mJ/mm2, 4 Hz, 1000 impulses, 10 J), whereas group B underwent the same procedure every 10 min for three sessions (3 × 0.3 mJ/mm2, 4 Hz, 3 × 1000 impulses, totaling 30 J). Blood flow at a depth of 8 mm was measured continuously and noninvasively by a combined Laser-Doppler-Imaging and photospectrometric technique (Oxygen-to-see, O2C, LEA Medizintechnik, Germany). Results One minute after the application of high-energy ESWT blood flow in group A increased by 16.5% (P = 0.007). Thereafter, it decreased from minute 2 after application and remained significantly unchanged to baseline value until the end of the measuring period at 50 min (P = 0.550). Group B showed a similar significant increase in blood flow of 16.4% (P = 0.049) and a decrease afterward, too. After the second focused ESWT blood flow was boosted to 26.6% (P = 0.004), remaining significantly elevated until the third application was initiated. Muscular blood flow was increased to 29.8% after the third focused ESWT (P < 0.001), remaining significantly increased for another 10 min. Conclusions Focused ESWT enhances blood flow in the muscle of rats. Moreover, repetitive ESWT extended this beneficial effect.

ZeitschriftJournal of Surgical Research
Seiten (von - bis)440-445
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 01.04.2016


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