Rapid pulmonary vein isolation utilizing the third-generation laserballoon – The PhoeniX registry

Christian H. Heeger*, Christian M. Tiemeyer, Huong Lan Phan, Roza Meyer-Saraei, Thomas Fink, Vanessa Sciacca, Spyridon Liosis, Ben Brüggemann, Niels Große, Bezhad Fahimi, Samuel Reincke, Karl Heinz Kuck, Feifan Ouyang, Julia Vogler, Charlotte Eitel, Roland R. Tilz

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Background: Balloon-based ablation systems for pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) are providing procedural safety and efficacy as well as favourable clinical outcome. Although second-generation laser balloon (LB2) based PVI has been shown safety and efficacy relatively long procedural duration was a strong limitation. The third-generation laser balloon (LB3) offers and automized ablation for rapid PVI. We determined safety, efficacy and procedural characteristics of this new promising ablation system. Methods and results: A total of 15 consecutive patients were prospectively enrolled. All patients underwent PVI using the LB3. A total 59/59 PVs (100%) were successfully isolated. Procedural data was compared to the last 15 consecutive patients treated by the LB2. The median procedure time significantly declined from LB2 (91 (86, 105) min) to LB3 (77 (68, 87) min), p < 0.001. Similarly, the median left atrial dwelling time significantly decreased from LB2 (72 (62, 84) min) to LB3 (45 (38, 52) min), p < 0.0001. The total laser time decreased from LB2 (1920 (1765, 2193) sec) to LB3 (1077 (896, 1165) sec), p < 0.00001. A pure single shot PVI was performed in 18/59 PVs (31%). For major adverse events no differences were detected between the groups (LB2 1/15 (6.7%) and LB3 1/15 (6.7%), p = 0.999). Conclusion: The LB3 was safe and effective for PVI. Procedure time, LA dwelling time and total laser time significantly decreased compared to LB2.

ZeitschriftIJC Heart and Vasculature
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 08.2020


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